About Me

A Fine
I am a young twenty something. I recently graduated from college, and I now teach 7th grade math and geography. I recently moved closer to family and live next door to my parents and just across town from my in-laws. I have been married two years, and I love my husband so much. He is honest, hardworking, passionate, and kind. We would like to have kids some day, but for now, our two miniature pinschers keep us busy enough.

This blog is where I get to vent and dream. I am a woman (a.k.a. gal), teacher, daughter, and wife, and sometimes, it feels pretty overwhelming trying to be "fine" in each of these roles. A. Fine is a reference to my proper name--I certainly could not claim to be a fine gal, teacher, daughter, and wife. Nevertheless, I keep trying. This blog is a log of my efforts.