Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mission Organization

It's Wednesday, and I am halfway through the week (I refuse to refer to Wednesday as "hump day" because I find it about as hard not to giggle as it would be for a 12 year old boy in my class... too late, I am already laughing a little just thinking about it, oh well.)  I really love Wednesdays lately because I have been going to a Wednesday night Bible study, and my mother-in-law (who I love unlike the stereotype) and one of my best friends are in it.  That being said, I have been on this kick to finally get my house a bit more organized, and part of me wants to stay home and sort things.  Ya, I am one of "those" people!  I will have to let most of my ideas wait until the weekend, but I did accomplish this so far:

I was inspired by a Martha Stewart photo I posted last weekend.  My closet isn't quite as cute (I tried to cut it out of the pics, but this closet has our A/C units and water heater in it.)  Still, it is very functional, and having an easy to access place for these supplies (in our living room) is going to be SO much nicer than the way I had it before doing this.  I had my hammer and hanging supplies and flashlight all in the guest bedroom closet, far away from wherever I ever need them.  This makes so much more sense!

I must walk away from the computer for the sake of productivity, but I will try to update when the weekend comes.  My big weekend project: Paint the front door!


  1. Haha! I am SO one of those people who would love to stay home and organize all day too! I should reserve a day for myself on the calendar to do that. Haha. I'm anxious to see your front door painted project! :)

  2. I cannot wait to see your front door this weekend!