Friday, September 9, 2011

Foto Friday

So, this weekend, I have many big plans! I plan to craft, organize, and bake. Instead of just telling you about my project plans, I decided to show you my photo inspiration.

Step 1: CRAFT
Wooden plaque with hooks

I have REALLY been wanting to get a place to hang my keys near our door. I am going to buy a 16" x 4" routered plaque. First, I am going to paint it a golden yellow. Then, I am going to stencil a cute pattern in metallic gold and paint the routered border black.  Finally, I am going to write our name "Fine" in black script on top of the stenciled background. With the cheap black hooks I found at Lowe's, it should only cost 7 bucks altogether. Sound good? I hope it turns out as fabulous as it looks in my head! If it does, expect photos soon.


Utility Closet Organization

My utility closet is already pretty organized with hooks for my broom and mop, but I want more. I hate having to look for a hammer, tape measure, flashlight, etc.

Step 3: BAKE

Oatmeal Chip Cookies 5-star rated Oatmeal chip cookies. My good friend L and I are getting together Sunday to bake cookies. We each are bringing a recipe. I'll let you know how mine and L's recipe turn out. Mmmm....

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