Monday, September 12, 2011

Manic Monday

Yikes!  If you have any precious technology, stay far far away.  At least it has seemed like I am cursed lately.  Last night, I was tediously preparing my lessons for the week, enthralled by the idea that I might get the whole week prepped and not have to stress all week long. 

That's when it happened!  My external harddrive, my precious little passport, simply stopped functioning while I was accessing a file.
My sweet little holder of every important file I own
I thought maybe a simple computer restart would do--no worries... It didn't work.  Then I thought maybe a simple "unplug--wait 30 seconds--plug back in" would do--a little worried... It didn't work.  Then I thought maybe it was my computer because it has always seemed buggy unlike my sweet little passport.  I thought maybe a simple plug it in another computer would do--quite concerned now... It didn't work.  That's when the tears came, and in a flood, they gushed.
This was totally me.
I was tired and ready to go to bed and then this!  I spent the next hour re-prepping the bare minimum for Monday with tears flowing down.  D is so sweet; he spent this entire hour trying to do whatever he could to try to fix the hard drive with no luck.  I finally went to bed, feeling quite down about having to be at school at 6:30 to finish prepping for the day by accessing files I only had on my school computer (and the poor broken passport).  I arrived at school today feeling pretty down, and then... I went to turn on my computer!  Attempt 1: Everything on the screen is zoomed in weird.  I restart.  Attempt 2: Everything seems normal until just after opening the print tab on the files I need copies of, it freezes!  I restart.  Attempt 3: The computer finally turns on and I get my first page printed at 7:05.  Ugh!  Be praying for my passport.  Even after all of the trouble it has caused me, I want it to survive.  I have years of photos that wouldn't fit on my netbook on there.  If I lose those files, I will only have Facebook quality versions of these photos.

Okay so I hope you feel sorry for me and maybe think I am a little ridiculous, too.  I realized by the end of today that, indeed, my life is not completely over (Last night, I was pretty convinced it was!), but I am still bummed.  Hope your Monday was less manic than mine!


  1. Aww, that's the worst feeling ever, I know!! I'm so sorry. :( I hope you guys find some way to make it work - take it to 3 Geeks or something maybe??

  2. I took it to another place in town that does free diagnostics (unlike 3 geeks where it is like 75 bucks). They tried one thing that didn't work. This afternoon they said they were going to break the case to get in and see if they could at least possibly recover the information.