Friday, September 9, 2011

A Fine Gal... Someday

I am a gal, teacher, daughter, and wife, but I am certainly not fine at it yet. I would like to be fabulous at my life and all the different roles I fill, but as most of you know, that is a classic example of "easier said than done." That being said, I still keep trying to be a better teacher, better daughter, better wife, better follower of Christ... just better. The way I see it if I get a little better each year, maybe by the time my life is said and done I will have turned out okay in the end.

Because my husband and I recently moved and my new job as a teacher allows me more time at home, I mostly have cooking, crafting, and decorating on the mind. I am pretty obsessed with pinterest right now, too, so I will probably split my internet time between here and there.

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