Friday, September 16, 2011

My Household Binder: The Basics

I first heard about a "household binder" about six months ago while reading this blog.  I decided to make one using an old binder and dividers I had sitting in a closet.  I mostly just used A Virtuous Woman's printables at the time.  After seeing this first household notebook, I felt like I saw them everywhere!  It was really handy for me, but I started wanting to "cutesy" mine up a bit and add some elements I hadn't originally included after reading ideas from other bloggers.  So, my household binder has been a sort of work-in-progress.  It has evolved, and most recently, I created several of my own printables that fit my personal taste a little better.  I still would recommend the printables from A Virtuous Woman.  I simply found that eventually I wanted to invest the time to do something a little different.

The basic idea of a household notebook, if you haven't heard of this before, is simply a place to keep the key information and lists you need for your home.  My notebook includes 5 sections: Schedules and To-Do Lists, Budget, Cleaning, Meals, and Important Information.  I put lots of handy information in one place including to-do lists, insurance info, a bill checklist, meal plans, grocery lists, etc.  I am going to break up showing you my binder into a few posts because there is a lot to share.  First, I will just show you what my binder and dividers look like.  We can dig deeper later.

The Front of my Binder, made using Microsoft Word

The Inside Cover of my Binder, made using Microsoft Word

If you would like to customize these covers, I can send you them as a customizable Word document; however, you will need to download the font to use it.  The font is called Black boys on mopeds.  Yeah, you can't make something like that up, can you?  To download the font, click here.

I'll post more photos from inside my binder soon, but if you want to know more, check out these household binders that I have used for inspiration:

Have a good weekend!

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