Sunday, September 11, 2011


L and I with our cookie dough
L's Recipe
My Mom and I
                Today, as I mentioned a few days ago, L and I were supposed to get together to bake, but when I mentioned to my sister that I was doing this today, she wanted to be a part of it, too.  Before I knew it, my mom and my sister were joining our party ;).  Don't worry, we didn't mind!  We all had fun putting on cute aprons and mixing  up our different recipes (a.k.a. eating up our different cookie doughs) and, of course, chatting, too.  L and I left with a little bit of each of our cookie recipes!  L brought a recipe that uses wheat flour and applesauce for a healthier version of the traditional chocolate chip cookie, and I brought the oatmeal chocolate chip recipe I mentioned a few days ago.  They were both yummy!  I don't have a copy of her recipe, but you can see mine here: 
The Final Product: Both kinds of cookies together

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